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$1.5 MillionLargest Project as Lead Designer
8+Years of experience
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Some happy clients I’ve worked with over the years

Capital One
Capital One Ventures
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Design system, mobile design, prototyping

Capital One Increases Engagement

Capital One L&G 1
Capital One L&G 2
Web application, mobile design, prototyping

Blocknative Sees 10x in Organic Traffic with Gas Estimator Tool

BN Mobile 1
BN Mobile 2
BN Mobile 3
Site Redesign, Design System, Mobile, Prototyping

Capital One Ventures

Ventures Team
Ventures Home
Ventures About

Some nice words from Coworkers & Clients

Nic Mansfield Photo
Nic Mansfield
Head of Design
Webstacks Logo

Joel easily checks all of the boxes for a designer - he pays extreme attention to detail, he looks at every situation from multiple perspectives, stays up-to-date on the latest trends, and he has that natural eye that you just can't teach. But, Joel is so much more than a strong designer. Joel is hungry to learn every aspect of the business he is in, and is always learning. He is honest and forward with his feedback when we need it most. And most of all, Joel is an incredibly strong leader. He is always generous with his time to help others, teach new skills, and make them feel welcome on the team. Joel has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, and he takes pride in everything he does. He brings value to the teams he is in, and I am so glad he is part of Webstacks.

Kevin Brower Photo
Kevin Brower
Engineering Manager
Pattern Logo

I had the pleasure of working with Joel while working on the company website. He is a talented designer with an openness to trying new ideas. He's great at interpreting marketing objectives and creating designs that increased interaction and gave us higher conversion rates. Joel always maintained good level of professionalism in meetings and was prepared with answers and recommendations. I was impressed with his organized and methodical way of thinking and communicating his ideas, he never pushed his thoughts, but instead laid out sound reasoning to get his point across. I'd happily work with Joel again if given the opportunity.

Sean O'Connor Photo
Sean O’Connor
Chief of Staff
Blocknative Logo

I had the pleasure of working with Joel for about two years. In that time he 10x-ed the design of Blocknative - leading the design and development of our Gas Platform and marketing website. He is a world-class designerd 🤓 and able to quickly adapt designs to meet the needs of a rapidly changing startup.

Julio Barragan Photo
Julio Barragan
Director of Content & Education
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Joel is one of the best designers I've had the pleasure of working with. I've always been impressed by his ability to interpret my technical explanations and turn them into simple, captivating, and technically accurate designs.

Jill Gelinas Profile Picture
Jill Gelinas
Head of Program Management
Webstacks Logo

I have worked with Joel over the past year and a half on several website design & development projects. Joel is one of the most talented designers I have worked with, due to his ability to both lead design strategy and fulfill flawless execution. Joel has a very clearheaded, direct, and insightful presence on every team he collaborates on and uses these qualities to work with unique stakeholders to translate complex ideas and forward-thinking design strategies into tangible design concepts. Joel’s ability to speak the different languages of engineers, stakeholders’ and strategists’ has resulted in the production of numerous websites that are creative and fresh, while also highly effective in achieving stakeholder business objectives. I often find myself looking to Joel for his leadership in guiding stakeholder collaboration to communicate a vision long before we reach the design execution phase. Joel is a visionary, strategist and leader, in addition to a talented designer. I would recommend Joel for any team.

Curtis Carier Profile Image
Curtis Carier
Frontend Developer
Webstacks Logo

Joel is hands down one of the easiest designers I have ever had the benefit of working with. Not only does he have a keen sense of style, but he has an endless well of patience and humility. Every one of his clients loves working with him due to his relatable tone, focused attention, and clear communication. I have been lucky enough to work closely with him for a couple of years and as he sharpens my abilities as a developer, so does he actively seek to be sharpened himself. I am strongly confident that Joel will act as a key force multiplier on any team fortunate enough to have him.

Matt Koprowski Photo
Matt Koprowski
Director of Content & Education
Upkeep Logo

Joel always had a good sense of web design that would still incorporate helpful SEO solutions. He always listened to the ideas I had for the site (no matter how out there they were) and would find clever ways to enhance my mockups with his own style that still fell with the UpKeep brand I was building out. If I ever had a question about what the site’s capabilities or where it could go with its design, Joel was quick to offer solutions and feedback. Being the sole designer at a company has its challenges, so I always appreciated the feedback Joel would provide regarding the UpKeep site and my suggestions for it.Joel was always easy to work with, took pride in his work, and always came with a good attitude to our weekly planning sessions. Any company would benefit from having Joel on their creative team.

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I'll Let the Qualifications Do the Talking

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‍Mutiny Fundamentals Certification

A high-level overview for all levels of your team to understand key conversion rate optimization learnings that can be applied to websites.

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‍Content Marketing Certification

Learn a content creation framework for producing effective content on a consistent basis. Create and repurpose content that both humans and search engines will love.

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Growth-Driven Design Certification

Introduction to agile web design and project management. Build and optimize a website with GDD methodology. Transform the way you work and attract more leads.

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Inbound Marketing Optimization Certification

Refine and optimize your inbound marketing strategy. Develop successful inbound marketing projects. Uncover key customer insights.

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Bachelors in Graphic Design

Provide a comprehensive understanding of the field of design – from print publishing to interface design and more.