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Figma,, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Netlify, Confluence, Jira

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Who is Capital One Ventures?

Capital One Ventures is a strategic investor, funding startups that are driving the future of data, technology and financial services. Founded in 2014, they are a multi-stage investor with a thesis that starts with the strategic imperatives of Capital One. Consequently, many of the companies they invest in have an avenue for business development, product feedback and commercial engagement with Capital One.

The Problem:

After conducting multiple interviews with Key stakeholders our team identified 3 main problems with the current site:

  1. Outdated and Inauthentic Representation: The website does not accurately reflect Capital One Ventures’ (COV) brand, mission, or the impact of its investments, using stock photography instead of authentic visuals of portfolio companies.
  2. Lack of Awareness and Consistency: There is insufficient awareness of what COV is and does, both internally and externally, compounded by inconsistent branding and outdated information on platforms like Crunchbase.
  3. Limited Engagement and Functionality: The website fails to effectively engage its key audiences and facilitate strategic conversations, lacking dynamic content, case studies, and clear pathways for startups and partners to connect with COV.


How might we make Capital One Ventures' website accurate, consistent, and engaging?


We converted our key problems into opportunities to solve for during the redesign.

Outdated → Accurate

The new website should be visually refreshed and regularly updated to accurately reflect Capital One Ventures’ (COV) brand, mission, and impact, using authentic visuals and current information.

Disjointed → Consistent

The redesign should unify branding across all platforms, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information to enhance awareness and understanding of COV both internally and externally.

Uninspiring → Engaging

The new website should effectively engage key audiences by providing dynamic content, compelling case studies, and clear pathways for startups and partners to connect with COV, facilitating strategic conversations and partnerships.

Discovery Process

To establish and align the foundational concepts for the new website, we presented three design concepts, known as vignettes, each showcasing different structural scenarios. Using mood boards, design samples, sitemaps, and information architecture illustrations, we refined and finalized one visual and structural scenario with the project stakeholders. This process included three rounds of high-fidelity landing page mockups and conceptual branding elements, which guided the creation of the Design System and page templates. This thorough approach ensured the design accurately reflected the brand's new direction and goals.

Elite & Expensive Vignette
Dark Mode Vignette

Page Builds

The new page builds give Capital One Ventures' website a fresh and modern look. The design is clean and visually appealing, accurately reflecting COV’s brand and mission. Each page uses unified branding to keep information consistent and up-to-date. There’s dynamic content, authentic visuals, and compelling case studies that really engage visitors. Clear pathways make it easy for startups and partners to connect with COV, fostering important conversations and partnerships. Overall, the website now feels more professional and inviting.

Homepage Desktop Ventures
Portfolio Desktop Ventures
About Desktop Ventures
Team Desktop Ventures


The website redesign for Capital One Ventures successfully modernized the online presence, reflecting the brand’s mission and engaging key audiences.